Author: Inowasia

  • New #UT3-WOLL on the UT3 Campus to epurate domestic waste waters and to prove the concept of enhanced biodiversity

    On 19th January, the new #UT3-WOLL was launched with success on the Campus of the University of Toulouse 3. Were invited Marie Pierre Gleyses as Dean of Scientific group of neOCampus, Jocelyn MERE as CNRS regional dean, Georges ZISSI (Vice President for Europ and international projects), Thierry PAPRA VP for partnership with compagnies, Catherine JANDEL […]

  • Norwegian delegation interested in the outputs of INOWASIA

    The objectives and the main activities of the project INOWASIA were explained to a delegation of the University of South-Eastern Norway (Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge) who visited the University of Girona. The coordinator of the project briefly introduced the consortium and explained in detail the importance of training the new generation of young water professionals in […]

  • INOWASIA is introduced to the One Health international network of Southeast Asia (OHSEA)

    The One Health initiative is a collaborative, multisectoral and transdisciplinary approach to human, animal and environmental health that is based on studies at local, national and global levels. Its aim is to understand the mechanisms of emerging or re-emerging diseases, in order to prevent them. Funders: Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Solidarity Fund for […]

  • INOWASIA Networking Seminar at CTU

    During the visit of INOWASIA group at Can Tho University, the College of Environmental and Natural Resources (CENRes) has organized on November 1st 2022 an INOWASIA networking seminar, entitled “Water and Natural Resources in the Mekong delta of Vietnam – Challenges and Opportunities”. It was the opportunity to introduce so many research topics and research […]

  • The “International Forum on Sustainable Development for the Mekong Delta 2022 – SDMD 2022” organized by CTU

    On October 30th 2022, Can Tho University hold the “International Forum on Sustainable Development for the Mekong Delta 2022”. SDMD 2045 is an initiative established and hosted by Can Tho University to integrate national and international collaborative research and development activities, with the goal of contribution to the sustainable development of the Mekong Delta region […]

  • First INOWASIA call for internship in SEA (deadline : 12th December 2022)

    INOWASIA invites the water related stakeholders from private and academic arena to offer places for international student internships, funded by INOWASIA. The aim is to improve the capacity in research and/or to advance the career perspectives of the best MSc and PhD students from six universities from Laos (NUOL, SU), Cambodia (NUBB, ITC) and Vietnam (CTU, […]

  • Students learn about water quality monitoring at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Resources at SU, Lao

    Both undergraduate and graduate students at the department of forestry resources at Souphanouvong University (SU) have taken part in the on-campus water quality investigation. The objectives of the activity are to assist students in becoming familiar with the use of water equipment in the targeted fields, identifying the target areas, planning the investigation areas, and […]

  • The President of IRD visits the INOWASIA Living Lab at ITC with the French Ambassador in Cambodia

    Today 17 November 2022, ITC has received the official visit by Mr. Jacques PELLET, French Ambassador in Phnom Penh and Madam Valérie VERDIER, President of IRD, and others deligations. They also visited to Water and Oriented Living Lab “Coastal and Wetland Environmental Research Laboratory”, from the #INOWASIA Erasmus+ project.    For more information, click here. […]

  • Green Conference at NUBB, Cambodia

    On 10-11 October 2022, the National University of Battambang (NUBB) hosted the national Green Conference entitled “Incorporating green concept in Cambodian higher education”, which aimed (i) to raise the green awareness of Cambodian higher education institutions toward the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and (ii) to strengthen development ecosystem between HEIs with the private sectors, government […]

  • Water and Environmental Engineering Education at ITC

    Dr. CHHUON Kong, Dean of the Faculty of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), described the programs of education on Water and Environmental Engineering at ITC.   He also shared his educational background with interest on the engineering solution for water and environmental issues. He talked about his daily […]