Six INOWASIA Living Labs have been co-created and will be implemented soon

In INOWASIA project, six WOLLs (Water-Oriented Linving Lab) have been co-created and will be implemented by each Southeast Asian Partner. These living labs will be used for formation, research and demonstration and, at the same time, they will be a meeting point for students, academics and companies to exchange experiences and knowledge. The WOLLs are a key tool to promote the systematic innovations in the water systems. We invite all water-concerned people to visit the detailed descriptions of these 6 WOLLS on our website INOWASIA Living Labs.

LL1: Water Quality & Treatment for Green Growth (HUS – VNU) Vietnam
LL2: Natural-Based Wastewater Treatment (CTU) Vietnam
LL3: Domestic Wastewater Quality Education (NUOL) Laos
LL4: Groundwater Quality education for Sustainable Agriculture (SU) Laos
LL5: Coastal and Wetland Environment Reaserch Laboratory (ITC) Cambodia
LL6: ECOHEALTH-Ecosystem Health Laboratory (NUBB) Cambodia

And to join us. Your ideas are welcome.

INOWASIA is an Erasmus + Capacity Building Higher Education project that promotes a joint action of 11 organisations across 5 countries (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, France and Spain) to train a new generation of water professionals in Southeast Asia. More info

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