INOWASIA invited conference at the Hanoi University of Architecture, on 31 March 2023

Dr Didier ORANGE, IRD scientist, has been invited by Prof. Nguyen Thai Huyen from the Hanoi University of Architecture (#HAU) to provide a conference on :

INOWASIA, Living Lab and PBL : an opportunity to boost the wastewaters reuse


The conference challenges HAU researchers to mobilize interdisciplinarity in order to find the best #wastewaters uses for #green production in #cities?

Today, the management of domestic wastewaters and rainwaters remains a major global challenge, in addition to feeding the poorest populations, or stopping soil losses occurring through the rapid urbanization and mitigating the environmental quality of our cities everywhere in the world. Indeed, two thirds of the world’s population still does not have access to #sanitation, creating recurrent health and environmental disasters. The majority of these people are in tropical regions, in countries whose economy does not allow the rapid development of large rainwater drainage networks and wastewater treatment plants. It is therefore necessary to innovate and change the urban water management model.

The #INOWASIA #Erasmus+ project is performing on that issue to boost the wastewaters #reuse through new education methods, such as Problem Based Learning (#PBL), Living Lab (#LL), and the integration of more and more Nature Based Solutions (#NBS).

Then with international institutions (UNESCO, USAID, AFD, FFEM, etc.) and the pursuit of the SDGs for the Horizon 2030, the research arena is highly challenged to develop sustainable and cross-disciplinar solutions allowing changes in concepts regarding the perception of the usefulness of wastewaters and rainwaters for green production in cities. The opportunities for innovation are numerous, from process engineering to ecological engineering, from biogeochemists and microbiologists to creators of IoT and AI algorithms, from architects and urban planners to geographers.

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INOWASIA is an Erasmus + Capacity Building Higher Education project that promotes a joint action of 11 organisations across 5 countries (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, France and Spain) to train a new generation of water professionals in Southeast Asia. More info

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