SmartCleanGarden concept within Biodiversity and NBS promotion will participate to the INOWASIA targets

Wastewater Treatment Plants (#WTP) are an essential aspect of sanitation and water infrastructure. WTPs mission is the collection and treatment of sewage along with purifying and returning the water to the environment. However, there is not enough economic growth to build more WTP capacities and it cannot match the population growth. Only 6% of the countries are efficient in terms of #wastewater treatment and 80% of our wastewaters flows back to nature untreated.

To complement existing infrastructure of WTPs, Constructed Wetlands (#CW) are good technical well-known solutions to treat domestic wastewater. It is a Nature-Based Solution (#NBS) that use natural processes involving #wetland #vegetation, #soils and #biodiversity of fauna, with associated microbial communities to improve water quality through mechanical filtration and biological mineralisation.

#SmartCleanGarden Concept is a cross-disciplinary research project from 2018:

(1) to use the concept of enhanced biodiversity in planted filters to increase their effectiveness in limited surfaces (cities),

(2) to prototype environmental e-sensors for the efficient survey of the biogeochemical processes by IoT and

(3) to use the artificial intelligence to remotely control and manage the safe sewage treatment.

Then, we seek 4 challenges:

  • Adapt the Constructed Wetland to cities (high-density population)
  • Improve the Constructed Wetland by biodiversity solutions
  • Monitor and measure the soil quality with e-sensors and IoT in order to establish proxies for safe use
  • Improve the Constructed Wetland efficiency with Artificial Intelligence (machine learning)

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