Strengthening Domestic Wastewater Quality Testing Capability for technical staff at NUOL

Domestic wastewater is an important issue in Lao PDR, particularly domestic wastewater management including domestic wastewater drainage and treatment. Either conventional or innovative solution of domestic wastewater management cannot be neglected in strengthening domestic wastewater quality testing capability for both existing and next generation staff. By the end of last month (24 August 2021), Center of Excellence in Environment (CoEE) at National University of Laos (NUOL) organized a training on biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) by for its technical staff in the utilization of advanced technology and method in BOD analysis of water. This activity will support the work on the establishment of the water -oriented living lab (WoLL) in the InowAsia project under Erasmus +. CoEE is a member and coordinator of NUOL as a partner of InowAsia project. After this training, the staff can further train other students and young scientists at NUOL. This advanced technology is not new to the world but new to our staff and young scientists at NUOL. More training on water BOD measurement training will be carried out not only to students, staff and young scientists of NUOL but also to water quality technical staff of the laboratories at ministerial levels during or after our InowAsia project.

The first INOWASIA internship students in post from mid-April

The INOWASIA internships started in mid-April 2023. Each Southeast Asian partner was able to send two students to another partner university. Each student will spend three or more months practicing on water-related issues. The Academic and Professional Committee (APC) members have been asked to participate to the subjects.    For now, the students who started […]

New high level publication from the HUS team engaged in INOWASIA: a new photocatalytic method to clean dye waters

Congratulations to Dr Tran Dinh-Trinh and his team from the VNU Key Lab. of Advanced Materials for Green Growth (Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam) for their new publication in Science of Total Environment , an international multi-disciplinary natural science journal for publication of novel, hypothesis-driven and high-impact factor (10.75) : A novel tertiary magnetic […]

The INOWASIA third biannual meeting in Laos: the second part within Souphanouvong University (SU)

From April 1 to 7, the INOWASIA steering committee hold in Laos for its third biannual meeting. All the INOWASIA partners were there. The first part of the week was dedicated to NUOL activities : The second part of week (from 5th to 7th April) was organized by the SU’s team, as following. SU’s local […]