INOWASIA specific mission to Cambodia exploring opportunities for new methodologies for water-oriented education

From 29 August to 2 September 2022, the PI of the Erasmus+ project INOWASIA, Dr. Ignasi Rodriguez-Roda, together with Dr. Gaetan Blandin, has visited our Cambodian partners, Dr. Kong Chhuon, Dean of the Faculty of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, and Dr. Ratha Chea, Professor of the National University of Battambang, to train more than one hundred students and teachers about membranes and problem-based learning (#PBL) applied to water resources and to water-oriented activities.

Dr. Rodriguez-Roda and Dr. Blandin have visited the two INOWASIA’s water-oriented living labs (#WOLL): “Coastal and wetland environment research Laboratory” at ITC, and ECOHEALTH (“Ecosystem health laboratory”) at NUBB.

Dr. Rodriguez-Roda also gave an interesting talk in the seminar about WASH organized at NUBB, with the participation of the NGO WaterAid, associated partner of INOWASIA, and more than 250 attendants.

The delegation met Mr. Soy Ty, ITC deputy director general for academic affairs in representation of the ITC rector, and H.E. Sok Khorn, rector of NUBB.

Finally, they met also the Representative of IRD in Cambodia, Dr. Adèle Martial Gros and, a researcher involved within Biofunctool strategy, Dr. Pascal Jouquet. Several options of new collaborations were discussed. It was the first opportunity to present INOWASIA aims and strategy to IRD in Southeast Asia. All the parties hope a fruitful future collaboration.

Dr Ignasi Rodriguez-Roda and Dr Gaetan Blandin at ITC in Phnom Penh


Dr Ignasi Rodriguez-Roda with Prof. Ratha Chea at NUBB (Battambang)


Dr Ignasi Rodriguez-Roda and Dr Gaetan Blandin with Dr Kong Chhuon in visit of Dr Adele Martail Gros at the IRD Representative Office in Phnom Penh


Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC): Special Training Sessions on Problem-Based Learning Method and Membranes Technology Applied to Wastewater Treatment 

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