Innovative teaching method transforms learning experience for NUBB students

A student at the National University of Battambang in Cambodia recently shared her transformative educational experience after participating in a master's level course taught by Dr. Ratha Chea. The course, part of the Erasmus+ INOWASIA project, utilizes the innovative teaching methodology known as Problem-Based Learning (PBL), shifting the focus from traditional lecturing to student-centered learning.


PBL places students at the center of their educational journey while teachers take on the role of facilitators and guides. In this case, the student spoke enthusiastically about how this approach had profoundly impacted her educational journey.


According to the student, the PBL methodology allowed her to feel more engaged and motivated in the classroom, fostering an environment where she was actively engaged in her own learning. Not only did she acquire essential knowledge in basic ecology, but she also gained a wide range of personal and professional skills, such as searching for key information, critical analysis, effective communication, debate, individual and team-based work, as well as essential life skills like empathy, respect, and responsibility.


Dr. Ratha Chea, a renowned researcher and educator in the field, designed the course based on INOWASIA Training, with the primary goal of empowering students to take ownership of their learning experiences. The Erasmus+ INOWASIA project, which focuses on innovative teaching approaches in Asian higher education institutions, aims to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and the evolving demands of the modern world. The success story of this student demonstrates how PBL can effectively prepare students for the complexities of the 21st-century workforce, equipping them with the skills they need to excel academically and professionally.


As the education landscape continues to evolve, innovative teaching methods like PBL hold the promise of enhancing the overall educational experience and empowering students to become lifelong learners. The experiences of students like the one at the National University of Battambang serve as a testament to the potential of student-centered learning methodologies in shaping the future of education.

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