INOWASIA Internships: second session of the mid-term evaluations

On June 9, 2023, four students doing internships in Asian partner universities attended their mid-term evaluation.

The jury was composed of:

  • Magali Gerino, Toulouse III University
  • Lou Ackermann, Project manager at the Toulouse III University
  • Antonina To
  • rrens Armengol, Fundacio Solidaritat

The 4 students that were present for this evaluation were:

  • Chanda PHONEMANY and Phaivanh PHETDONMO from the Souphanouvong University, doing their internships at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi.
  • Huong LUONG from the Vietnam National University, doing her internship at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia in Phnom Penh.
  • Thao VU from the Vietnam National University doing her internship at the National University of Laos.


The goal of this evaluation was to ensure that the students were learning, experimenting, and responding to their internship’s objectives.

They all prepared interesting presentations and explained during 10-15 minutes their activities in the laboratories and on the field.

Most students work in the field of water quality, but they also work on all water-related issues. Some of them participated to seminars and workshops and visited different research laboratories. The jury asked questions to the students to assess their knowledge on their research.

At least one activity per internship has to be linked with the water-oriented Living Lab installed in the hosting university.

There will be a third and final session in early July to evaluate the 3 last students, the one that started their internships later.


Web link:

  • Introduction Mrs Chanda PHONEMANY:

  • Introduction Mrs Phaivanh PHETDONMO:

  • Introduction Mrs Huong LUONG:

  • Introduction Mrs Thao VU:

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