Sixth Inowasia Steering Committee

The 15th of December the sixth Inowasia Steering Committee was held. The main outputs of WP1-Preparation were presented by the WP Leaders (Solidarity Foundation University of Barcelona and National University of Battambang ). The results of the analysis of water challenges faced in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and the existent and required competences of the water-local labour-markets were exposed. An exhaustive analysis of postgraduate programs related to water at both EU and Asian universities, water expertise and accreditation/recognition procedures was done within WP1 and the main conclusions were presented during the meeting. All the information obtained in the different tasks has been gathered in a knowledge base that serves as a basis for the development of the INOW modular learning program (WP2).

Ultimately, during this preparation phase, six Water Oriented Living Labs (WOLLS) been defined in a co-creation process. These INOWASIA WOLLS will be implemented by each Southeast Asian Partner and will be used for formation, research, and demonstration. At the same time, the WOLLS will be a meeting point for students, academics, and companies to exchange experiences and knowledge


Empowering Water Professionals in Southeast Asia: INOWASIA'S Impact

The development of innovative multilevel formation programs for water professionals in Southeast Asia has been a significant endeavor undertaken by the INOWASIA project. From its inception in January 2021 to its current state in December 2023, INOWASIA has been dedicated to empowering a new generation of water professionals in the region.   First, let’s recap…

WOLL at HUS and architectural planning management in Vietnam

Building Nature Based Solutions (NBS) into water-related projects represents a massive opportunity for water economy and environmental sustainability. It represents a key for human wellbeing and development with healthy Nature and ecosystems, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). INOWASIA is convinced we need to work with companies, band and other financial institutions and local…