The Academic and Professional Committee of INOWASIA has been officially constituted.

INOWASIA, an Erasmus+ project from the Capacity building in Higher Education action, aims to train a new generation of young Southeast Asian water professionals to face the current and future water challenges and lead the water sector market.

INOWASIA consortium is made up of 11 organisations across 5 countries (Spain, France, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) and 14 associated partners, who will carry out a cross-disciplinary, bottom-up process leading to the development and implementation of formation material based on innovative teaching learning methodologies and water-oriented living labs.

An Academic and Professional Committee has been created and officially constituted today to enhance the integration of the project stakeholders, and to oversee the project activities from an academic and professional point of view, in order to obtain a multidisciplinary perspective.

Currently, INOWASIA counts on a strong consortium with more than 40 engaged entities perfectly balanced among companies, higher education institution, NGOs and governmental institutions, to promote high level formation and entrepreneur activities among international water resources stakeholders.